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June 25, 2013


Glenn Hansen

M Gale, we have been on green and pink statements for more than 35 years. Buyers were having a difficult time recognizing the blue color scheme as "BPA" and thought it was publisher generated. The border colors are a transition step to get buyers eased into the idea that we have moderized the reports. Perhaps after our entire membership have been on the new brand format for a year or so, we may no longer find that the border is necessary.

Thanks for your opinion. Every one counts!

Glenn Hansen

M Gale

I have to strongly disagree with the colour choices selected. Light green and pink are very unflattering. Paying members should have the option of choosing which colour best suits their respective brands. It will be interesting to see how advertisers react to the new mandatory statements. If the feedback is negative, I trust you will take necessary action.

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